aiden-hawke asked : like all good stories, everything will reach an end. i'd like to thank you for this experience though. i'll miss everyone.

sighing 4ever.

i know bby, i know

it died a while ago, raq, i thought we all sort of accepted that

yeah, i know that. i just… yeah… i’m shutting it down…

hi i miss you.

i miss you too

well, well, well…

so, i died. no literally but almost. oops.

i’m sorry i completely forgot about olympus and ludlow and just rping and tumblr in general. college has been really crazy this year and some days i get in at 9am and don’t leave college until like 6pm and i have like 2 papers due next week and i haven’t even started them and i gotta start working on my herbarium for cryptogram class and i have tWO EXAMS IN 2 WEEKS AND I JUST WANNA DIE HONESTLY JFC

but i just… yeah.. i don’t know. i think olympus has died (and it’s mostly my fault because i abandoned it) so maybe i should just shut it down for good? i really don’t know. and i don’t know if people even log on their rp accounts anymore so idk if anyone is gonna read this but idk i had to write this because idk what to do. helpp.

i really do not know what to do anymore

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Helanna Momsen Application - Approved!

Welcome to Olympus! Please create Helanna’s page and send us the link as soon as possible.

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Emma Clark Application - Approved!

Welcome to Olympus! Please create Emma’s page and send us the link as soon as possible, and don’t forget to take the House Quiz (check the “get sorted” tab).

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Anonymous asked : How active is this rp?

Mildly active? I’m not gonna lie and say we’re having our most active period right now, but people are on vacation so I suppose that’s why it has been slow-ish some days.

Anonymous asked : Hi! Would you kindly reserve Helanna Momsen? Will send an app prolly tomorrow? =))

Of course! We’ll reserve her for you.

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